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Done Right Dressing, LLC

Done Right Dressing was born in December of 2020 when a friend suggested I sell my vegan ranch dressing. I had taken it to parties for years, as a salad dressing, dip, or sauce, and it was always eaten very quickly. After some taste testing and standardizing the recipe, the business took off! People raved about the dressing and it news of it and how good it was began to spread through social media and by word of mouth. Ironically, I assumed that vegans would respond most to it as it's rare to find a great vegan ranch, but 95% of my customers are not even vegan. Every person has a reason for buying. Whether you are dairy free, gluten free, watching your sugar consumption, or if you just like really good ranch, it resonates for many different reasons.

The original ranch is the mainstay of the business. The dressing has a thicker consistency which makes it great to serve as a dip. The buffalo ranch has also become very popular. With a good balance of flavors, it's just right-not too mild and not too spicy. The Caesar dressing has a thicker consistency with a great lemony tang that is complemented by the nuttiness of the tahini (ground sesame seeds). It is really good on rosemary and garlic potatoes, baked potatoes, kale or caesar salad, or on wraps.

I am beyond grateful for those who have supported me thus far and am excited for more people to try the various dressings. I will be selling at some local fairs and food festivals so be on the lookout for Done Right Dressing!! Your mouth and stomach will thank you.

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